Tax Refund Estimator 2015 – 2016

If you have a simple tax refund to file, or if this is your first year filing and you don’t have any assets or business expense deductions, then you’ll want to file with  Free edition.

If you own a home, have itemized deductions, medical expenses, and other deductions, then the Deluxe edition is for you. The federal tax filing will cost you a small amount of money (smaller than walking into a tax professionals office) but you still don’t have to pay until the very end.

Now if you own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or rental properties, then  Premier is the one you want. It will help you get the most money back into your pocket guaranteed.

If you’re a sole proprietor, consultant or contractor, a single owner LLC, then  Home and Business will give you extra guidance on those subjects, and offers a one hundred percent guarantee for saving the most money through business expense deductions and other financial situations in regards to assets of all kinds.

If you’re the sole proprietor of a corporation, in a partnership or a multi-member LLC then  Business is your program of choice.

Like mentioned before, with whatever software package you choose, Online gives you the biggest refund with their calculator. This includes a host of other support features that vary with the nature of your financial situation. Also keep in mind that you won’t need paper copies of certain tax forms to file online. All you will need are any tax forms that you received in the mail regarding your annual income, receipts for relevant deductions and donations, and other paper proof for deductions and credits, such as the energy tax credit.

Online has been the winner of being one of the ten best websites for support.

First of all, the software itself will be asking you questions along the way, as well as checking your work for mistakes that would otherwise cause you delays and possibly an audit. In the low chance of being subjected to an audit, also provides top of the line live audit support. Of course the first stop for anyone in regards to any Tax questions or problem is their “Live Community”. This is composed of real live Tax experts, and many TurboTax users just like yourself. Something like a forum, the Live Community is free, accessible, and streamlined to be efficient, open and honest. After that you can access their countless articles (also free) containing information on any subject. Last but not least there are literally thousands of TurboTax reviews written by real users and posted for all to see on their website.

So once again, using the Tax Refund Calculator 2015 – 2016 is free, and one hundred percent accurate. You will have to be prepared with relevant information, as the refund calculator cannot calculate your refund without knowing what it needs to know. In about 10 minutes you can estimate your Federal tax refund in advance. It’s Free, and all you have to do is plug in the approximate numbers the tax estimator.

State Tax Filing Refund calculator