Online Massachusetts State Income Taxes 2015 – 2016

Are you looking for a simple way to reduce the time you spend getting your taxes prepared? We can help you file both your Federal and Massachusetts State Tax Returns in one simple process. By copying over redundant information from one form to the other, our system makes sure you save a lot of time since you don’t have to type in the same information for two separate forms.

State Tax Filing Refund calculator

Those choosing our website as their tax preparation solution get:

Math errors corrected by a computer long before they ever make it onto your return which would slow down your refund

Comprehensive checking of all possible tax deductions to see which ones might be valid for your individual tax situation

A secure system that transfers your tax returns while keeping it safe from prying eyes and also allows you to check that information from any Internet connection you like

By filing both your Massachusetts State Tax Returns and Federal Tax Returns at once, you save time and hassle

Our easy to use e-file system allows you to submit your taxes quickly and when you pick direct deposit for your refund, you get that money back faster than would have ever been possible in the past.

Supported Massachusetts State Income Tax Forms:

  • Form 1
  • Schedule B
  • Schedule C
  • Schedule D
  • Schedule DI
  • Schedule E
  • Schedule E Reconciliation
  • Schedule HC
  • Schedule X
  • Schedule Y

State Tax Filing Refund calculator

Massachusetts has two marginal tax brackets, ranging from 5.25% (the lowest Massachusetts tax bracket) to 5.25% (the highest Massachusetts tax bracket). Each marginal rate only applies to earnings within the applicable marginal tax bracket, which are the same in Massachusetts for single filers and couples filing jointly. The Federal Income Tax, by contrast, has different tax brackets for married, single, and Head of Household taxpayers.

Our Massachusetts tax brackets are currently from tax year 2013. Many states adjust their tax brackets yearly, and we will update the Massachusetts tax brackets for 2015 as soon as they become available.

State Tax Filing Refund calculator