Prepare Free Your Iowa State Tax Filing 2015 – 2016

Free tax filing online is very suitable to file your Iowa income tax return using free tax preparation software. Just complete the forms given by the system entering your detail without errors. As you go through the step-by-step guideline, you will complete your Iowa income tax return preparing without trouble free and your tax return filed within few minutes. Your task will become very easy. You can file online Federal tax and state tax at your convenience.

Basically 3 options to get your Iowa state tax refund online.

Tax payers can either allow the government directly deposit your income tax refund into bank account, have a check mailed to you, or apply your tax refund to next year’s income tax.

  • Iowa state tax filing electronically or online is a best option when you expect a refund check. IRS can process your tax return and matter tax refunds much faster than if you mailed a paper return.
  • Filing and preparing your Iowa state tax directly from your own computer will cost you much less than going to an income tax professional.

Get Iowa State Tax Filing Form

We are providing to you all the necessary forms of Iowa tax return 2016 for online state filing. All the required forms are available from our site. We are also providing detailed instructions on the filing of the Iowa tax returns and also provide instructions, except for the simple forms, that may be easy to complete.

Iowa State City Tax Return 2015

Capital : Des Moines

Large City City Population
Des Moines 206,688
Cedar Rapids 128,119
Davenport 101,363

The Iowa (IA) state sales tax rate is currently 6.0%.

Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 7%. Food and prescription drugs are exempt from sales tax.

All businesses selling tangible personal property or engaging in retail sales must register with the state. Iowa is a Streamlined Sales Tax state. Businesses selling into multiple states may register with the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.

Iowa 2015 Tax Updates

The Iowa Department of Revenue made a few minor changes to their 2014 tax laws. Social Security income has been completely phased out for Iowa, so it is no longer reported in your income. In addition, military retirement pay is no longer subject to Iowa income tax, so is not included in your income. Iowa’s income tax brackets have changed slightly as well as some of school district tax rates. The standard deduction for Iowa returns has increased to $1,920 ($4,740 for married filing jointly filers).

In regards to Iowa credits, the Volunteer Firefighter/EMS/Reserve Peace Officer Credit increased from $50 to $100 this tax year. The Iowa Earned Income Tax Credit increased to 15% of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. Also, every taxpayer who files a 2014 Iowa 1040 return by November 2, 2015 will receive a credit equal to the lesser of their tax after all other credits are applied or $15.


Supported Iowa Tax Forms 2016

FreeTaxFilingUSA supports the following Iowa forms:

  • Form 1040
  • Form 1040 X (amended)
  • Form 126
  • Form 1040 Schedule A
  • Form 1040 Schedule B
  • Form 8453 IND
  • Form 130
  • Form 6251
  • Form 1040V
  • Form 1040XV
  • Form 1040ES


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