Get Fast Hawaii Tax Refund 2015 – 2016

The State of Hawaii actually has one of the higher income tax rate brackets in our entire country. The income tax rate begins at 1.4% and goes all the way up to 11% depending on income. It is divided up into 12 separate income brackets. The income brackets are doubled if you are married and filing a joint return. The tax due date is April 20th. You can choose the standard deduction on your return or you can choose to itemize.

The standard deduction amount in Hawaii is $2000.00 for individuals and $4000.00 for married couples filing jointly. If you choose to itemize then you will need to deduct qualifying expenses from your gross pre-taxed income.


If you are as resident of Hawaii then you will file your state income tax by using Form N-11, N-12, or N-13 . If you are a non-resident or part time resident then you will need to use Form N-15. If you are eligible for any credits then you will need to also file schedule CR. All of these Forms and any additional forms that you may need are available on the State of Hawaii’s tax website. You can find these income tax forms and file them online. Filing online is the fastest and safest way to ensure your taxes are done correctly and you receive your refund as quickly as possible.

State Tax Filing Refund calculator

Your income taxes are due by April 20th for all residents and non-residents. E-filing will help you find the necessary forms and guide you through the process and make sure your return is completed by the tax deadline.

Hawaii State Income Taxes 2015 – 2016

Hawaii state tax basis is the Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Interest/Divident Income: Interest and Divident income from U.S. government bonds are exempt from State Taxes.

Rent Income: Same as federal.

Capital Gain: Alternative tax on capital gains

Unemployment Income: Same as federal.

Social Security Benefits: All social security income is exempt from state taxes.

State Bond Interest: Taxable except Hawaii obligations

State Tax Filing Refund calculator

Health Savings Accounts: Same as federal.

Disability: Same as federal.

Lottery: Same as federal.

Federal Income Tax: Not deductible

Other Taxes: Deductions for payments to individual housing accounts and for earnings on individual housing and individual development accounts. Deductions for certain income from high technology business and qualified expenditures for exceptional trees. Peace Corps compensation, income from temporary employment outside of the U.S., and higher education expenses deducted from federal income are taxable. In addition, some student loan interest and employer-provided adoption benefits that are exempt from federal taxes may be taxable in Hawaii.

Hawaii State Tax Forms 2015 – 2016

HW-16 – Dependent Care Provider’s Identification and Certification

L-15 – Substitute for HW-2 or W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

L-72 – Request for Copies of Hawaii Tax Return

L-80 – Tracer Request For Tax Year

N-1 – Declaration of Estimated Income Tax for Individuals

N-2 – Individual Housing Account

N-101A – Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File

N-103 instructions – Sale of Your Home

N-110 – Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due to a Deceased Taxpayer

N-139 – Moving Expenses with Instructions

N-152 instructions – Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions

N-158 – Investment Interest Expense Deduction

N-200V – Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

N-210 instructions – Underpayment of Estimated Tax

N-379 – Request for Innocent Spouse Relief

Schedule AMD – Explanation of Changes on Amended Return

Schedule CR – Schedule of Tax Credits

Schedule D1 instructions – Sales of Business Property

Schedule J – Supplemental Annuities Schedule

Schedule X – Tax Credits for Hawaii Residents

State Tax Filing Refund calculator