How to File Taxes with a 1099G

Form 1099-G is the tax form issued to taxpayers that received compensation from the government. Payments from the government include unemployment payments and certain tax refunds and credits. This information is entered onto your individual tax return in the income section, with the exception of any amount located in Box 4, which is federal withholding and will be entered onto your tax return in the payments section.

Enter any government compensation found on your form 1099-G in the appropriate section of your tax return. Box 1 is unemployment compensation, which should be entered on line 19 of federal form 1040, line 13 of form 1040A or line 3 of form 1040EZ.

Enter the amount in Box 2, which is state or local income tax refunds, credits or offsets, onto line 10 of Form 1040. This income cannot be claimed on forms 1040A or 1040EZ.

Enter any other government payment from your 1099-G onto your tax return. Unemployment compensation and income tax refund or credit payments are the most commonly claimed payments from 1099-G.

Enter the amount of tax withheld, located in Box 4, onto line 61 of form 1040, line 38 of form 1040A or line 7 of form 1040EZ.

Attach a copy of your 1099-G to your tax return before mailing to the Internal Revenue Service.


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