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State Tax Online Filing – Don’t Dread April 15th, E-File Today!

Electronic filing of tax return is becoming more and more popular with approximately 70% of US taxpayers eligible to take advantage of state tax online filing. Gone are the days when you have to dread that date – the 15th April as you file online and get your taxes submitted completely in order, well before the deadline.

Free online tax preparation 2013 – 2014 means that many families do not have to wait anxiously to receive refunds, only to find out their tax forms were incorrectly completed. The faster a form is filed the sooner the refund comes and today this is not sent by check, it is deposited directly into the diligent tax payers checking or savings account. It is e-filing which makes this all possible.

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Anyone who has ever been charged with this responsibility will find free online filing of great assistance. Even if you still owe money to the IRS from the previous tax year, this form of submission will help.

The Free File Alliance is a collaborative effort between businesses that design and provide software for state and federal tax online filing and the IRS. So it is completely above-board, fully accurate and will help the tax payer to submit an error free return. Persons with adjusted gross income of $56,000 or less in the last tax year are eligible to make use of this. There also another option which is available to higher income earners and they are able to get the forms online and complete them as usual, and the benefits of using this system are many.

The most important benefit is that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your income tax return has been received and that refunds will be processed faster. Plus receipt of the return is received by the e-filer within short time.

Todd Walters helps hundreds of people every year with income tax filing advice. Make e-filing easier and less cumbersome with Todd’s tips and secrets.

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