Prepare Free Your Connecticut State Tax Filing 2015 – 2016

Free tax filing online is very suitable to file your Connecticut income tax return using free tax preparation software. Just complete the forms given by the system entering your detail without errors. As you go through the step-by-step guideline, you will complete your Connecticut income tax return preparing without trouble free and your tax return filed within few minutes. Your task will become very easy. You can file online Federal tax and state tax at your convenience.

Basically 3 options to get your Connecticut state tax refund online.

Tax payers can either allow the government directly deposit your income tax refund into bank account, have a check mailed to you, or apply your tax refund to next year’s income tax.

  • Connecticut state tax filing electronically or online is a best option when you expect a refund check. IRS can process your tax return and matter tax refunds much faster than if you mailed a paper return.
  • Filing and preparing your Connecticut state tax directly from your own computer will cost you much less than going to an income tax professional.

Get Connecticut State Tax Filing Form

We are providing to you all the necessary forms of Connecticut tax return for online state filing. All the required forms are available from our site. We are also providing detailed instructions on the filing of the Connecticut tax returns and also provide instructions, except for the simple forms, that may be easy to complete.

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Connecticut State

Capital : Hartford

Large City City Population
Bridgeport 146,425
New Haven 130,741
Stamford 125,109
Hartford 124,893
Waterbury 109,915

Connecticut 1099 Rules | E-File CT 1099’s

  • File the following forms with the state of Connecticut: 1099-MISC and 1099-R.
  • Filing due dates: File the state copy of form 1099 with the Connecticut taxation agency by February 29, 2016.
  • Reporting threshold: If you file 25 or more 1099 forms with Connecticut you must file electronically.


The Connecticut (CT) state sales tax rate is currently 6.35%.

Connecticut raised the sales and use tax rate to 6.35% in July, 2011. During 2011 legislation, Connecticut passed the enactment of what is commonly called an “Amazon law” requiring e-commerce businesses who have marketing affiliates located within the state to collect and remit sales tax on items shipped to Connecticut residents.

Connecticut 2015 Tax Updates

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services made a few changes to their 2014 tax laws. The personal exemption for single filers has increased to $14,500. There is a $1,000 reduction in the personal exemption for every $1,000 of Connecticut AGI over $29,000. The threshold for calculating the personal tax credit for single filers has also increased to $14,500. Additionally, the property tax credit limitation threshold for single filers increased to $62,500.

Beginning in 2014, taxpayers receiving a refund may choose to put some or all of this refund in a Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) account. The contribution must be made into an existing CHET 529 College Savings Plan. In addition, taxpayers may also donate part of their refund as a charitable contribution to the CHET Baby Scholars.

Supported Connecticut Tax Forms 2016

FreeTaxFilingUSA supports the following Connecticut forms:

  • Form CT-1040
  • Form CT-1040NR/PY
  • Schedule CT-SI
  • Schedule CT-1040AW
  • Schedule CT-1040BA
  • Form CT-1040X
  • Form CT-1040V


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